WE provide for your specific needs:


Photographer /all genres /all kit

Videographer /incl all crew

Exhibiting Artist

Speaker. Astronomy, SALES and MARKETING, PEACE, Tatai Arorangi, Matariki, Puanga, Sidewalk Astronomy, Astro-Photography, Art, Educator.

Live audio/video capture - Camera crews, mixing desks, DOP, Speakers, performers, environments, animals, landscapes, with attention to sound and lighting.

Video editing - adjustments, special effects, timing and feeling, rendering and uploading.

For business, music, documentary, website support, timelapse, art.

Website host, design, publishing and search engine optimization, social network support, webcasts.

Performing Artist , VJ (Visual Jockey) – Performing to live audience on big screens.

MC and Performing Artist , DJ (Disc Jockey) – Performing to live audience on big sound systems.

SOUND SYSTEMS. All sizes. Live and Recording kits. Engineers.

LIGHTING SYSTEMS. incl Atmos and all FX, crews.

VIDEO SCREENS and WALLS all sizes.

Technical and Art Director – Design, construction and operating sound, light, and video rigs.

Specialist - low light astro-photography.

If it isnt listed we are keen to explore the boundaries, pioneer new methodologies and technologies, ask us!

All film art music culture audio video

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